Code of Conduct

This code of conduct for members of Bermuda Pilot Gig Club is a reflection of the broader code of conduct promoted by the Cornish Pilot Gig Association, to promote the sport of social, leisure and competitive open water rowing in the tradition of our Bermudian ancestors who carried pilots to waiting vessels. All members are expected to abide by them. They are in place to ensure the safety of all members and that the integrity of the Club is upheld at all times.

  1. It is the aim of the club to provide all of its services in a way that is fair to everyone.
  2. BPGC members are committed to the well being and safety of all.
  3. Members will promote the benefits of our sport, both socially and in competition.
  4. Members shall encourage all participants to value their performance.
  5. Members will be expected to demonstrate proper standards of behavior, language, and manner, when representing the club and/or competing in gig rowing events.
  6. The members will promote the positive aspects of our sport, especially those of Sportsmanship, Fairplay, Friendship and Respect.
  7. Members will be prepared to accept responsibility for their actions at all times.
  8. Any member may be subject to disciplinary action, for cause, upon completion of due process.“Cause” shall include (but not be limited to);
    1. Failure to pay subscription fees.
    2. Breaking club rules.
    3. Engaging in, or encouraging, conduct that harms the club.
    4. Willful disregard for the Club’s property.
    5. Bringing the club in to disrepute.
    6. Criminal conduct while representing the club
  9. Remember that the club assets are expensive and not easily replaced so please treat them with as much care as possible.
  10. Due care and attention should be shown towards your own safety and those around you at all times. Any behaviour deemed to be unsafe, may result in disciplinary action being taken..
  11. Whenever possible arrive 15mins before rowing time, to help launch the boat and equally be prepared to put her away again after your row.
  12. Wear suitable clothes/shoes at each session and be prepared to get wet when launching and landing.
  13. If your crew is next to go out, be there when the boat comes in and be ready to assist.
  14. The Cox is in charge from when the rowers show up for the scheduled row time, and decides assigning of positions and assesses weather and rowing conditions. He/She is responsible for adherence to Club policies and BPGC and CPGA rules.
  15. Rowers must concentrate and listen to the Cox, being prepared to execute all commands as soon as possible. If you cannot hear, tell the Cox.
  16. The Cox is responsible for the radio at all times
  17. All trainee coxes must have an experienced green Cox in the boat or nearby on the water when they go out in the gig.
  18. Rowing at night is not permitted. It is both the coxes and crews responsibility to ensure the boat is out of the water and on the trailer safely twenty minutes after published sunset time, and not on the water twenty minutes before published sunrise time.
  19. Life jackets should be in every gig that goes out on the water.
  20. Unless you are asked to do so, don’t give commands or advice to another crew member.
  21. The Cox decides, upon reviewing the level of the rowers signed up and the latest reviewed wind conditions, whether to proceed with the row or cancel. Rowers must respect the decision made.