The administration and running of the Bermuda Pilot Gig Club is the responsibility of the Club Board, who meet once a month. The Board is comprised of 11 club members.

The Board is responsible for the Club’s strategy which includes Club expansion, financing, facilities and equipment.

The Club’s Annual General Meeting is held once a year. At this meeting, the Board for the following year is voted in.

The current board members are;

  • Sarah Burrows
  • Roger Gillett
  • Carol Ferris
  • Sam Froud
  • Debbie Jones
  • Michael Jones
  • Laura Lyons
  • Pamela Mahoney
  • Andy Pell
  • John Van Het Veld
  • Paula Wight

Individual Responsibilities are;

Chairman- Paula Wight

The Chairman is the Club’s primary representative. A key task of the Chairman is to balance the varying priorities to allow the Club to move forward for the benefit of all of its members.

The Chairman will set the agenda for the monthly meeting. He will also liaise with and build relationships with officials from other clubs and organizations.

Vice Chairman – Pamela Mahoney

As Vice Chairman, she will assist the chairman in the carrying out of his duties and deputize as Chair on monthly board meetings in his absence.

Treasurer – 

The Treasurer, will record all income and expenses, provide a statement of the Club’s financial position on a periodic basis, register all boats and arrange the Club’s insurances.

Location Captains – Sarah Burrows, Debbie Jones, and John Van Het Veld

Location Captains will organize the rowing schedules for their location in a way that is inclusive and addresses all of the location member’s needs.

They will organize location member meetings on a regular basis.

They will organize a membership development plan for the location and create a cadre of capable and willing coxes.

They will organize social events for the location.

They will develop a team to assist in the management of the location.

Vice captains – Craig Budzynski, Carol Ferris, Graham Simmons.

Not Board members but acting as alternates at Board meetings in the absence of the location captains will assist the Location Captains in performing their responsibilities.

Public Relations – Laura Lyons

The Public Relations officer is responsible for developing a Communications Strategy for the Club that promotes positive awareness of it.

This includes the creation and maintenance of our website and our Facebook Page, and all promotional materials.