The BPGC aims is to offer its members the opportunity to row as ‘Club Rowers’ as a way of keeping fit and having fun or as ‘Squad Rowers’ who also train hard to compete. The objective is to offer a balanced rowing programme for all. Club rowing is for those wishing to row for fun or to get fit or just to enjoy the beauty and history of Bermuda from view point.

Club rows are typically in 4 categories:

Novice rows – teach the fundamentals of gig rowing to new rowers so they may develop basic rowing skills.

Social rows – provide rowing with a fun social element, a good workout and the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of Bermuda. These rows also allow people who want to get initial experience of coxing in a supportive environment.

Intermediate rows – provide training sessions to improve your rowing skills.

Endurance rows – provide rowing over longer distances and time on the water. These rows typically last for 2 + hours, and have very few “easy ups”.

Squad rows:

Competitive rowers train regularly on and off the water throughout the year to keep up their fitness for races both locally and abroad. These rowers will form squads or crews ie. Racing squads, corporate squads, super vet squads, junior squads, based on the criteria they deem appropriate.


Selected crews are crews that have been selected by the BPGC selection committee to represent the club.

The criteria for the selection of theses crews will be advertised to all members of the club, and as such, all who are interested will have the opportunity to apply to become a member of a selected crew. Selection for race crews is based on a rower’s technique with the blade, cardiovascular fitness, availability and finally attitude & compatibility with other rowers. This is a competitive selection process, the overriding principle of which is that there is no self-selection for places in any race gig.

Once the crew is selected, using the published criteria, it is expected that the crews will commit to the training schedule and requirements as dictated by the crew captains. In order to ensure fairness for all rowers and the use of equipment, it is requested that closed crew rows be limited to the six weeks before a regatta. Selected crews will only be used at club sanctioned overseas regattas, and will be deemed to represent the Bermuda Pilot Gig Club, and will be named as such. BPGC team uniforms, which will soon be developed, must be worn.

Self-selected crews are crews that have formed privately, with like-minded rowers who wish to take part in overseas rowing events. It is the duty of the crew captain to inform the BPGC board of directors of the details of the event: Name and location of the event, crew name, crew members. While self-selected crews may include members of the BPGC and/or members of other gig clubs, the crew is not deemed to represent the BPGC, and as such, should not use the BPGC in their official crew name. The BPGC team uniform, as referenced above, should not be worn.